Posted by: craig and melissa | October 19, 2011

WNW: Walking Shoes

By: M.

This has been an exciting week for Connor already! He’s been working hard at physical therapy every Monday and Wednesday, spending time each session working on walking with assistance. We’ve been experimenting with a walker there (called a Gait Trainer, if you want to look it up), and slowly taking away more and more support from it. There used to be abdominal support, a seat, and he faced the other direction (I know I have pics somewhere). His therapist, Suzie, felt that he was leaning forward too much for support, so she spun him around the other direction and now he stands up straighter while also giving him the feeling of independence. She also used to lock all the wheels so he could only go straight, because he had a tendency to push off his right foot (instead of moving that foot forward) and that would cause him to turn left/run into the walls. He’s gained so much control that she only locks the back wheels now so he can’t go backwards. I bet that will be taken away soon to see how he maneuvers out of places that he gets stuck in (since he needs our help to ‘reverse’ out with the locks in place). You will notice that she tried an abdominal binder on him this time to see how that worked out. It’s crazy to think back to a couple months ago and how exhausted he would get from taking that walker down one short hallway – which took a good 15 minutes. Now he can do 2 laps around the whole interior of the building in about 10 minutes.  Trust me, it’s a long walk for a little dude. I found out that 2 laps equals 400 feet.

On Monday Suzie found a walker that none of the other therapists have been using with their patients and let us take it home to borrow!! Connor LOVES it. I think he could walk around all day if I let him! Too bad our house is so small, but he has his route figured out! We were worried about him bumping into the walls/doorframes/furniture since it’s a metal frame, but he actually does really well steering. I’m so impressed! Here are some pics I snapped yesterday of him getting around the house:

And here are a couple videos from Monday.  The first video is a little longer (4 mins), but I had to capture it all (especially for those Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles/Cousins out there)! It worked out great that Craig had that day off so he was able to join us in the fun – Connor is constantly showing improvement every time we show up to therapy! Now that I know I can embed videos into the blog, I’ll surely be doing that more often (if you don’t know what that means Great Aunts, don’t worry about it)!! 🙂 hehe Just enjoy the videos!! You’ll see at one point he stops in front of the Administrative office, where a few ladies are always working – they just love him up (along with everyone else in that building… aaaaand anywhere we go really). He’s such a flirt and remembers where everybody is to pay a visit to 🙂




  1. Great Job Connor! That’s so awesome! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Yay Connor! Keep on truckin’! He’s doing so awesome! That was cute to watch, thanks for sharing kids!

  3. Awesome job Connor! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Look at him go! Great job, Connor 🙂

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