Posted by: craig and melissa | February 8, 2012

WNW: Walk, walk, walk

By: M.

What’s this?! A new post? That’s right, you’re not seeing things. In case you didn’t know, it’s February and not Halloween anymore! Sorry about our disappearance. Eesh. I promise(!!!) that I’ll return soon with updates on Connor’s medical standing… but speaking of standing, we have a boy on our hands that is now taking steps on his own! We felt this was rather blog-worthy. So without further ado, here are some fun videos and a few recent pics:

This boy loves his football (and watching the games, too)

Giving Ernie a ride on his turtle

One big sweetheart

Walking around last night (with the cutest giggle at the end) 🙂

Walking at therapy today – WOW!

We couldn’t be prouder of our boy!!!!!


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