Posted by: craig and melissa | April 3, 2012

He’s the Cream of the Crop

By: M.

Who knew that a visit to the mall with a toddler can be all fun?! The other day Connor and I ventured to Baby Gap specifically to use up a gift card we had. I had forgotten the stroller at home, so he had to walk most of the time. Now that he’ll repeat many words/phrases we say, he started saying “oh, cute!” to any article of clothing I would look at!

We were making our way towards the front of the store when he stop and broke into dance – twice – just wish I captured more than this! It gets me every time 🙂


Then he was suddenly interested in these sunglasses and actually kept them on!  So they came home with us!






  1. So cute!!! love the shades 🙂

  2. Way too cute!!

  3. Wow, those are awesome pics! Too funny.
    Our grandaughter is quite the dancer, too. Maybe someday they’ll be on “Dancing with the Stars!”

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