Posted by: craig and melissa | January 5, 2015

Hip Surgery 3.5

From C:

The surgery is over, the “rough” awakening has subdued, and a peaceful Connor Boy is softly snoring in his bed as I type this.  Hopefully the pain and the nurses’ activities won’t wrestle him from his peaceful slumber too often throughout the night.

Things went very smoothly today.  Connor was not very anxious while in the pre-op room, and pastor Richard did a wonderful job of distraction while Melissa and I got the usual run down from nurses, anesthesiologist, and Dr. Laine – his surgeon.  Those two are a riot together, and I’m so thankful that Connor has taken such a liking to Richard over the years.  What a gift he is.

Connor and I went back at 8am to the OR.  He’s such a brave little man.  He just about floored the nurses and anesthesiologist when he voluntarily crawled onto the OR table without any prompt.  I think I was the only one who had an ounce of angst present in the room!

1506782_10105588625426780_6465776611813101874_nHe did worry a bit when the gas mask violated his personal space.  But, once that started to take effect he was out for the count.

We received a call around 9am that they had finally finished all the prep work for him on the table and began the surgery.  7.5 hours after he was sent back to the OR, we received the call that he was finally done.  Gillette’s (like just about any other children’s hospital) does a really great job of calling parents almost every hour or so to give updates.

We met with the doc as they were finishing up the spica cast.  She commented on how things went very well.

Here’s what she did:

She went ahead and removed the hardware that was already in his leg.  Then she did the lengthening of the adductor – which is essentially lengthening the groin muscle.  Next was the proximal femur osteotomy revision – which is breaking the femur near the “ball” and revising the angle so that it fits in the socket better. A plate was put into place that will allow the bone to heal in that new position.

Both of those procedures had been done the last time.

Next should have been doing the hip capsulorrhaphy – which is cinching up the capsular tissue of the hip.  Instead she consulted with the head of orthopedic surgery, and they conferred that rather do that procedure she should go ahead and make an adjustment to the actual pelvis itself.  I can’t remember the exact name of the procedure, but she essentially bent the pelvis more to help really define the socket pocket.  She had to ask consent, of course, in order to change the procedure mid-surgery and we gave it, of course.

The only thing she skipped was the calf muscle lengthening.  Already lots going on, and we all agreed in pre-op that if there was one thing that could wait for another time, it was that procedure.  So, that will be done on another day and is rather low on the priority list.  No worries.

The good news out of all of this?  Well two things – 1) Everything looks great and that adjustment made to the list of surgical procedures has a strong chance of benefitting him in the long run.  2) Because the capsulorrhaphy was not done, the spica cast only needs to be on for 4 weeks! Wahoo!  Those two less weeks are huge! Thank you, Jesus.

They put the cast on him – BRIGHT. ORANGE. – and I met him back in the PICU while he woke up.  A cranky boy at first, but hey who wouldn’t be?

IMG_2415Ironically, the nurse found a video of Daniel Tiger which was an episode of Daniel Tiger getting ready to meet his new baby brother or sister.  Funny.  The nurse had no idea Melissa was pregnant.  Let’s just say Connor’s attention steered away from the pain of post surgery to what that new baby brother or sister would be like for Daniel Tiger. (It was a sister in case you are wondering)

This evening has been a little up and down.  He’s very cranky at times and essentially just needs lots of TLC with a side of pain management to go with it.  He’ll be just fine in a day or so.

Our return home will be more than likely Friday.  In the meantime, Melissa and I are splitting shifts.  I’m spending nights here until late morning when Melissa will come to relieve me.  I’ll go straight to work and then straight back to the hospital after work.  I won’t even see my own house until Friday night after Snowflake tech.

If you’re wondering about that title, this is indeed his 3rd hip/leg surgery. The .5 is from when he needed to go in and be sedated to do a cast change.  We’ll be glad when all of this hip stuff is behind us.

If you are in the area and want to offer help.  Great!  Send lots of love and prayers for this brave brave little man.  If you aren’t in the area and want to help too.  Great! You can do the same thing – send lots of love and prayers!

We thank all of you for being such wonderful family and friends in keeping all of us in your thoughts and prayers over the last 24 hours.  That outpouring of love is such a testament to the beauty of the human race can achieve.  What a gift.

We’ll keep you updated.  You’ll probably hear from us again when CB is back home and learning new ways to torment the dog while in his bright orange cast.

Blessings and love to you all.



  1. Great update! We are so relieved it went well and has such a positive prognosis!

    We love you Connor!

    Aunt Kelly, uncle Kevin, cousins Noah, Kate and Lauren


  2. Jim and I are so very happy to hear that Connor is doing well.
    We continue with prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Cheryl and Jimmy Fraser

  3. Craig & Milli- we are SO happy & relieved to hear that Connors surgery went well. We, along with our church group, are all praying for comfort & healing for Connor. Lots of love being sent your way!!!
    Carol & Stu

  4. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. We can not imagine all that you are going through. Connor is definitely one of the most luckiest kids to have such wonderful loving parents!! I am going to Bible Class tomorrow and will ask for a special healing prayer for Conner and strength for you both (and baby) to get through all this. God Bless you all! Craig and Charlotte Smith


  5. I am thinking and praying for you all! Connor is such a sweet, brave boy. He is also lucky to have such brave, big hearted parents to care for him. Best wishes! Love, berta

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