Connor Nathaniel

Well the day has finally arrived, and Connor Nathaniel was born on June 2nd at 12:28pm. Connor has been diagnosed with Prune Belly Syndrome. It’s a ‘successive’ syndrome in which on thing happens during development that leads to another and to another, etc. His urinary tract problem that ultrasound discovered in week 22 developed around week 8-10 and caused a domino effect resulting in numerous abdominal problems during the pregnancy.

Despite his numerous health concerns, Connor is a very strong little man. The doctors are continually pleased with his progress, but warn us that the road is long and will be difficult. He’s such a precious little guy. His mom and dad love him very much and feel so blessed by God to have such a strong soul in their lives.



  1. To all the G’s, Craig, Melissa, and baby…..I saw your recent news and must say I’m praying for you all. You are good people-good things will happen. Happy to hear the doctors are being good to you and thank you for keeping us posted. Sending you love.-Shannon

  2. My sister’s boyfriend has that same condition. If you would like to talk to him about it I can give you his email or phone # if you want:) I’m sure he’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    • Missy, that is crazy! Would you mind emailing me his contact info? We’d love to talk to him at some point. Thanks so much!

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